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Private Investigation and Process Service for Law Firms and Attorneys

Court Testimony

Baker Street Investigations private investigators are preparing to testify from the minute they begin working on a case.

Typically, we testify either to impeach a witness about something they told us during an interview or to introduce demonstrative evidence, surveillance reports, photographs and/or video.

We have also been consulted as experts regarding the investigative process and have provided sworn declarations to the courts to this end.

Female private investigator testifying in court

Our investigators are credible, professional and unimpeachable. Our astute focus on careful documentation and impeccable ethics throughout an investigation ensures that all the bases are covered when it comes to trial.

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Photographic Surveillance by a port st-lucie private investigator

Covert Surveillance

Photography and videography has become incredibly valuable as means of surveillance. Baker Street Investigation leverages advanced technology to capture events while maintaining a low profile and blending in with the surveillance environment.

Covert surveillance involves a person or persons being unaware that they are being watched. Sometimes normal cameras are used, but the investigator is concealed. Sometimes the camera itself is disguised or concealed. Some obvious element of concealment (or great distance) is generally needed to make such photography fall under the category of ‘secret photography’ rather than street photography or documentary photography.

Professional Surveillance

What kind of surveillance job do you need done? Have you tried tracking your cheating spouse only to discover how difficult it is to stay hidden driving the family SUV? What is happening to the profits you expected to make compared to what your accountant is showing you? How can you be sure you’re not getting taken in by a scam artist if you invest in his new business opportunity?

Contact Baker Street Investigations today and we can be on the job by tomorrow. After our detailed consultation, we will determine the best approach for your surveillance job and help you find out the truth behind the lies. Don’t do it yourself – let a professional private investigator at Baker Street Investigations deliver the evidence you need.

Various Surveillance Purposes

Baker Street Investigations provides surveillance for infidelity investigations, Worker’s Comp investigations and personal injury investigations. We have specialized equipment for surveillance, video and photography.

Covert Expertise

Baker Street Investigations is not your typical “PI Company”; we are experts in the field, so if your partner is street savvy and is an alert individual then you cannot afford to hire your “run-of-the-mill PI” because he will get caught. If an inexperienced PI gets caught then it’s over…you will likely never be able to have your partner followed again. Baker Street Investigations handles difficult surveillances and has a 99% success rate when it comes to providing results without getting caught.

Technical Countermeasures & Bug Sweeps

When dealing with sensitive and proprietary information, it’s important to make every effort to ensure your privacy. Unfortunately, those with a motive to steal this confidential information are often clever and can hide listening devices and surveillance equipment in places where the layperson simply doesn’t think to look. That’s where a team of licensed private investigators steps in.

At Baker Street Investigations we take the privacy of our clients very seriously and are equipped to detect bugging devices as small as a dime. Our thorough bug sweep services are conducted using the most advanced countermeasure equipment available and leave no location or electronic systems uninspected, so you can ensure that your home or place of business is indeed private. Our continuing education program provided by one of America’s top-rated countermeasure agencies ensures that our licensed private detectives keep up with the current technology.

If you suspect that your private or professional property has been bugged, call Baker Street Investigations. We also provide routine bug sweeps for clients in need of a higher level of protection.

Baker Street Investigations Surveillance Advantages

We are licensed and insured (maximum coverage allowed) and we professionally and covertly observe in locations such as:

  • Eating at Restaurants
  • Arriving at Airports
  • Boats on the Lake
  • Entering and Exiting Hotel Rooms
  • Provided by Contracted or Full-time Staff
  • Digital Reporting Available
  • Written Reports with Summary

If we need to provide surveillance for your investigation, we ask that you provide the following items of the subject(s) in question (preferably in writing):

  • Two or more recent photographs preferably in different forms of attire and environment.
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers for any known associates, relatives, and/or friends that subject might be in contact.
  • A list of any recreational activities or places that the subject(s) is known to participate in or frequent.
  • License plate information and description of any vehicle(s) used by the subject, and/or of the subject(s) associates, relatives, and/or friends.
  • Any relevant information concerning the case at hand. The smallest detail or suspicion may be important. (i.e. schedules, behaviors, or habits).

Provides You With Evidence

Our investigations provide you with all available video and photographs, and a complete and concise report.

Infidelity Surveillance

The statistics tell the tale: the unfortunate reality is that Cheating/Infidelity is the leading cause of Divorce; in other words in 90% of Divorces the single leading cause was cheating. Another statistic shows that in 80% of divorces there are children involved thus leading to a bigger legal battle and that is a child custody dispute.

Many people who suspect their spouse of cheating lose focus of the bigger picture and that is the child custody issue. Of course it is important to know whether or not your partner is cheating but you cannot jeopardize the child custody investigation. Figuratively speaking you can kill two birds with one stone via determining whether or not your partner is cheating while building a child Custody case.

Hi-Tech Equipment

  • Night-time surveillance
  • Low light situations
  • Surveillance vehicles
  • A variety of cameras and other related devices

Process Service

Baker Street Investigations provides service of process in Florida and Nationwide for over 30 years, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right – every time.

Baker Street Investigations provides Service of Process in St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, Okeechobee and Palm Beach counties. We use our own process servers in our local counties and have a dependable network of servers in all counties throughout the State of Florida and Nationwide.

Woman knocking on door serving court papers

Baker Street Investigations has a long history in specializing in service of process, case filing, and location services for all areas of legal services. We also have many Insurance Defense and Plaintiff Attorneys as references. We have tried and trusted methods to ensure that your firm will benefit from our expertise.  Baker Street Investigations has proven that we can get process served in some of the most difficult cases.   Being Private Investigators as well as Process Servers makes our company stand out from others.  With the knowledge of delving into what is the truth, enables documents to be served when the Subject appears to be avoiding service.  We accept the challenge.

Technology drives the evolution of our business practices, and we offer a paperless solutions for our clients to upload PDFs to our website, or just e-mail an attachment. We then get your documents into our server’s hand within 24 hours.

Status will be auto e-mailed to you at every stage of service, including Attempts, Problems, Additional Addresses needed, and Served or Non-served.  This communication ensures that our clients are never left in the dark as to the progress of their cases.  We can e-mail your invoice and a signed copy of our Affidavit prior to mailing your originals.

We are open for business 24/7.

Criminal defendant and attorney discussing case in a courtroom

Criminal Defense

The investigator has several different, but equally important functions in preparing for an effective defense to the State’s charges. Baker Street Investigations staff of former law enforcement officers have the knowledge, skills, experience and training to provide professional criminal defense investigations.

One of the first things that the investigator must do is to verify and validate the investigation conducted by law enforcement officers and agencies. Far too often, police identify a suspect and then seek to build a prosecutable case against that individual. In doing this, they sometimes slant information or cast information in the light most harmful to the defendant, ignoring other possible suspects. A criminal defense investigator will review the police investigation and re-interview witnesses to find changes in their stories and to develop new and independent leads.

Seeking out new and unidentified witnesses is just as vital in preparing the defense case. These new witnesses often provide information that contradicts the “facts” upon which the prosecution is basing its case.

Having the ability to properly evaluate witnesses both as to their truthfulness and veracity, as well as the image that they will convey to a jury should they be called upon to testify. This often requires the investigator to learn about each witness in order to discover if there is anything in their personal background and/or their physical or mental condition that can be used effectively either to bolster or attack their testimony.

To accomplish this effectively, the investigator must have the training and experience allowing him to recognize where any law enforcement errors or omissions have occurred and to assure that all proper procedures were followed during the police investigation. The investigator must talk to each witness, review all the evidence (physical, verbal, video/photographic, etc) that was accumulated by the prosecution. In conducting witness interviews, the investigator must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do effective interviews. This means that the investigator must be knowledgeable about the case and skilled in interviewing techniques including utilizing cognitive, kinesic and other interviewing methodologies.

These “Defense” interviews must also be correctly and totally recorded without bias in order to provide accurate and Criminal Defense Investigationscomplete information to the Defense Counsel. In this respect the investigator must have the ability to write clearly and have the ability to exclude personal opinions from his interview reports.

In addition to the necessary skills, an effective Defense Investigator must have the personality traits and self-confidence to work independently without direct supervision or direction from the Defense Attorney. He/She must also have the ability to interpret the necessary statutes and/or policies involved in the case as the need arises. Effective investigators have developed the skills necessary to review evidence and reports and determine whether or not what the prosecution claims is consistent, accurate, and truthful. It is not uncommon for a skilled investigator to uncover inconsistencies or unusual information in reports that will give rise to avenues of investigation favorable to the defense.

Gavel and handcuffs on a wood table
For example a police officer’s report of what was found at the scene may not be what is shown in the crime scene photographs. This could lead to an effective cross-examination of the officer and/or the possible suppression of evidence. It is not unusual for an investigator to discover that what has been reported by the police as “fact” is not what in actuality happened once that report is checked by the investigator.

While an investigator is not expected to be an all knowing, omnipotent person, his/her experience should have provided him with a broad knowledge base. For example, he must have some knowledge of serums and blood stains, human anatomy, ballistics, firearms and forensics. He must also understand crime scene reconstruction, photography and evidence collection procedures. In addition, a good investigator will also know how to conduct research, locate governmental records, utilize computers and will have a working knowledge of criminal law and procedures.

Baker Street Investigations’ experienced investigators also have developed a networking system with other investigators in order to be able to utilize the services of other investigators in other jurisdictions should it become necessary to locate a witness or conduct other investigative activities when required. This networking ability also aids the investigator when he is called upon to locate expert witnesses necessary to assist in the case.

Man sitting alone in a jail cell

An Investigator must have a total understanding and working knowledge of the Rules of Evidence so that he will be able to obtain and preserve evidence that will be admissible at trial. This includes understanding the rules concerning privileges, hearsay, admissions, confessions and co-conspirator statements,
declarations against interest as well as those made as part of the res geste of the crime or incident being investigated. With their law enforcement backgrounds and legal experience, Baker Street Investigations fully understands the legalities involved and can use them to your advantage.

Hands of a prisoner holding tight to cell bars

Death Penalty Mitigation

Capital case defense attorneys have a duty to conduct a thorough investigation of possible mitigating evidence in every death penalty case.

This responsibility, in large part, is met with the assistance of an expert mitigation specialist, also known as an expert mitigation investigator.

Marcia Gillings is an experienced and formally trained investigator.

This special set of skills and training allows her to approach her cases with both the skills necessary to conduct a thorough and legal background investigation for your client, as well as the social work skills needed to obtain sensitive family and client history’s.

She has attended numerous advanced training courses over the years.

Magnifyer over a computer keyboard with key labeled Find Someone

Witness Location / Skip Tracing Investigations

As an attorney or litigant you are already busy enough trying to assemble a case for your client. Whether you are working on a civil or criminal case, failing to locate a key witness can be very disruptive. At Baker Street Investigations we specialize in witness location and have a proven record of tracking and locating witnesses quickly and efficiently.

Licensed and insured in the state of Florida, Baker Street Investigations understands that one of the most important issues in a case is to determine if there are witnesses available. Even if the location of the witness is unknown, we will utilize proven private investigation techniques to locate your witness and provide the information to you in a timely manner.

A Reliable Witness
Just because you can locate a witness does not mean they will be reliable and helpful to your case. Once located, Baker Street Investigations will conduct an interview with the witness to access their case knowledge and obtain a written statement.

Evasive Witnesses
Not all witnesses want to be located. This is especially common in criminal cases where the witness is fearful for their safety. At Baker Street Investigations we specialize in locating evasive witnesses and will work diligently to find these types of witnesses and help them understand the importance of the truth and their statement.

Who are you looking for?

  • Missing witnesses
  • Heirs
  • Family members who have never met such as Birth Mother, Birth Father, son or daughter
  • Person who owe client’s money
  • Long lost friend

Finding people is an art, not a science.
We have subscriptions and licenses for numerous database systems, most of which are not available to the public. We also use the Internet to search public records, and we take full advantage of today’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not limited to the computer, we know where to go and how to find information when looking for people.

Baker Street Investigations does not just rely on the computer and the Internet to find people, because people can’t be reduced to words and numbers in a database. Finding people takes information, lots of it, but it also takes diligence, creativity, innovative methods, and the “sixth sense” that comes from years of experience. It takes getting out in the field and doing old-fashioned legwork to find, follow, and eliminate or verify leads. And that’s what we do.

We’re very good at finding people, and we’re proud of our 80% success rate.

Our Services:

  • Find records about the person
  • Obtain medical history
  • Reunite a person with a long lost loved one
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Search Database Programs as well as Public Records
  • Utility searches
  • Asset searches


There are a multitude of reasons to locate people which include

  • Recoup lost funds and property
  • locate people to serve legal process
  • Reunite clients with lost family members, friends and love ones
  • learn medical history

We provide you with:

  • Thorough, fast and discreet responses to your needs using creative solutions
  • Ethical, professional and competent attention to your case
  • Clear, consistent and understandable reports that point out all the relevant issues
  • Unparalleled customer support and interaction
  • 24-hour-a day access

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