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Our Mission
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The mission of Baker Street Investigations is to provide the highest quality professional investigative and process serving services available at a reasonable price. As professionals it is our goal to seek out and discover the facts so that our clients may make the best informed decisions possible. We take very seriously our need to be accurate, unbiased, and fair to all parties reporting all facts uncovered regardless of what those facts may be.

Our core values are very simple. We will constantly strive for total honesty in our dealings with clients, professionalism in all of our activities, and will demonstrate discretion in order to protect our client’s interests.

Having a professional investigative team working on your behalf will save you valuable time, effort and money. In many instances, hiring a private investigator may be the only practical solution to your problems. At the conclusion of a Baker Street Investigations investigation, you will receive a fully detailed report in either hard copy or electronic media depending upon your wishes and needs.

Baker Street Investigations also provides process service for divorce, child custody, criminal defense, subpoenas, evictions, foreclosures and more. We have been helping individuals and law offices serve process within the Okeechobee, Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie and Stuart Florida areas for over 30 years and we can help you too.

Marcie Gilliings British Police Seargent
Sergeant Marcia Gillings
Sergeant Marcia Gillings in London

If you have need for a Florida Private Investigator or process server right now, that means that you have an important case that requires a serious and competent private investigative and process serving team.

That is where Baker Street Investigations comes in!

Our founder and chief investigator is Marcia Gillings, who while living in the United Kingdom earned the rank of Detective in the Warickshire Constabulary then earning the rank of sergeant, continuing her career as a sergeant in the West Midlands Constabulary.

After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat two decades ago, from England to Brazil, Ms. Gillings then sailed north to the United States. And, for nearly 25- years, America has had the benefit of Baker Street Investigations, which she founded and has steadily expanded into one of our nation’s most-respected private investigative agencies.

Baker Street Investigations’ private investigators, process servers and agency staff serve in positions of trust. Fully licensed by the State of Florida, our highly-experienced operatives have over three decades of service in all phases of private investigative work. This includes surveillance, counter-surveillance (“bug” sweeps), process service, matrimonial surveillance, pre-nuptial screening, pre-employment screening, marital affairs, corporate espionage, locating missing persons, solving crimes, hidden camera work, as well as a full range of private investigative services.

Baker Street Investigations’ affiliate network has access to agents in every state, city and town, and in every major nation throughout the world.

Baker Street Investigations is licensed as a private investigations firm with the State of Florida (License #A-9700345). Our investigators are former law enforcement officers and their experience has given them specialized skills and talents that are necessary to complete investigations in a professional and efficient manner. Since our inception over 25 years ago, Baker Street Investigations has come to be recognized as one of Florida’s premier investigative firms. Over the years we have helped attorneys, businesses, governmental agencies and individuals with their investigative needs.

Marcia At Scotland Yard
Marcia Gillings at Scotland Yard with the Mayor of Kettering, Northants and his wife, and the Assistant Chief.