As an attorney or litigant you are already busy enough trying to assemble a case for your client. Whether you are working on a civil or criminal case, failing to locate a key witness can be very disruptive. At Baker Street Investigations we specialize in witness location and have a proven record of tracking and locating witnesses quickly and efficiently.

Licensed and insured in the state of Florida, Baker Street Investigations understands that one of the most important issues in a case is to determine if there are witnesses available. Even if the location of the witness is unknown, we will utilize proven private investigation techniques to locate your witness and provide the information to you in a timely manner.


A Reliable Witness
Just because you can locate a witness does not mean they will be reliable and helpful to your case. Once located, Baker Street Investigations will conduct an interview with the witness to access their case knowledge and obtain a written statement.

Evasive Witnesses
Not all witnesses want to be located. This is especially common in criminal cases where the witness is fearful for their safety. At Baker Street Investigations we specialize in locating evasive witnesses and will work diligently to find these types of witnesses and help them understand the importance of the truth and their statement.

Who are you looking for?

Finding people is an art, not a science.
We have subscriptions and licenses for numerous database systems, most of which are not available to the public. We also use the Internet to search public records, and we take full advantage of today’s social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Not limited to the computer, we know where to go and how to find information when looking for people.

Baker Street Investigations does not just rely on the computer and the Internet to find people, because people can’t be reduced to words and numbers in a database. Finding people takes information, lots of it, but it also takes diligence, creativity, innovative methods, and the “sixth sense” that comes from years of experience. It takes getting out in the field and doing old-fashioned legwork to find, follow, and eliminate or verify leads. And that’s what we do.

We’re very good at finding people, and we’re proud of our 80% success rate.

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