Our job is to find the truth and answers you need. 

Witness credibility investigations are an important part of a client's case whether it is for a court trial or a police investigation into a possible crime.  

It is important to make certain that there are no surprises when a witness testifies on the stand.

Baker Street Investigations knows how important information is to you in defending your clients.

Our clients are therefore, one step ahead of the opposing party.

This knowledge can work when a witness who is supposed to be above reproach is shown to have a criminal background and possible outstanding warrants at the time of the trial.

Expert Witnesses:

Do you have the time and ability to verify his/her credentials?

Have they testified in court proceedings before?

Have they ever had their testimony dismissed?

Witness investigation Services:

We offer an extensive case analysis which would include background, assessment research and witness preparation consultation


We provide you:

When experience counts:

Not only do we utilize internet database records, but we canvass neighborhoods to obtain as much information that is required including interviewing former employers, neighbors, friends and family.

We can reenact crime scenes to demonstrate what a witness could or could not have seen which can refute their initial report of what they reported took place. 

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