Photography is becoming more valuable as a means of surveillance. In recent years there has been a significant expansion in the level of stills and video photography carried out at public demonstrations in many countries. At the same time there have been advances in closed circuit television (CCTV) technology and computer image processing that enable digital images taken from cameras to be matched with images stored in a database.

Photographs have long been collected as a form of evidence. But as protest and civil disobedience become an ever-greater liability to governments and corporations, images are gathered not only as evidence for prosecution, but also as a source of intelligence information. The collection of photographs and video also has another important function — it scares people.

Secret photography involves a person or persons being unaware that they are being intentionally photographed. It is sometimes called "covert photography", but this is a term used mostly among professional investigators. Sometimes normal cameras are used, but the photographer is concealed. Sometimes the camera itself is disguised or concealed. Some obvious element of concealment (or great distance) is generally needed to make such photography fall under the category of 'secret photography' rather than street photography or documentary photography.

Professional Surveillance

What kind of surveillance job do you need done? Have you tried tracking your cheating spouse only to discover how difficult it is to stay hidden driving the family SUV? What is happening to the profits you expected to make compared to what your accountant is showing you? How can you be sure you’re not getting taken in by a scam artist if you invest in his new business opportunity?

Contact Baker Street Investigations today and we can be on the job by tomorrow. After our detailed consultation, we will determine the best approach for your surveillance job and help you find out the truth behind the lies. Don’t do it yourself – let a professional private investigator at Baker Street Investigations deliver the evidence you need.

Baker Street Investigations Surveillance Advantages

Licensed and Insured (Maximum coverage allowed)
Professionally and Covertly Conducted such as:

If we need to provide surveillance for your investigation, we ask that you provide the following items of the subject(s) in question (preferably in writing):

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Baker Street Investigations provides surveillance for infidelity investigations, Worker's Comp investigations and personal injury investigations. We have specialized equipment for surveillance, video and photography.

Our investigations provide you with all available video and photographs, and a complete and concise report.

The statistics tell the tale: the unfortunate reality is that Cheating/Infidelity is the leading cause of Divorce; in other words in 90% of Divorces the single leading cause was cheating. Another statistic shows that in 80% of divorces there are children involved thus leading to a bigger legal battle and that is a child custody dispute.

Many people who suspect their spouse of cheating lose focus of the bigger picture and that is the child custody issue. Of course it is important to know whether or not your partner is cheating but you cannot jeopardize the child custody investigation. Figuratively speaking you can kill two birds with one stone via determining whether or not your partner is cheating while building a child Custody case.

We have equipment to get the answers you want

We provide you:

Baker Street Investigations is not your typical “PI Company”; we are experts in the field, so if your partner is street savvy and is an alert individual then you cannot afford to hire your “run-of-the-mill PI” because he will get caught. If an inexperienced PI gets caught then it’s over…you will likely never be able to have your partner followed again. Baker Street Investigations handles difficult surveillances and has a 99% success rate when it comes to providing results without getting caught.

All of Baker Street Investigations' Private Investigators and Detectives keep detailed and accurate notes.

At the end of the investigation, these are transcribed and typed into a cohesive and understandable final Case Report, complete with details, times, places. If we have done video taping or taken still photographs, these will be presented to you along with your written report.

Sometimes, circumstances make it uncomfortable for our clients to actually receive these reports because of fears that they may be located and viewed by the Subject of the investigation. (In other words, if you suspect your husband of cheating, you may not want to have a Baker Street Treasure Coast, Florida, investigations Surveillance Report in your home where your spouse may discover that you are having him followed.)

We are happy to store all reports and investigative evidence gathered in our secure offices until they are needed for court or other purposes.

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Technical Countermeasures & Bug Sweeps

When dealing with sensitive and proprietary information, it’s important to make every effort to ensure your privacy. Unfortunately, those with a motive to steal this confidential information are often clever and can hide listening devices and surveillance equipment in places where the layperson simply doesn’t think to look. That’s where a team of licensed private investigators steps in.

At Baker Street Investigations we take the privacy of our clients very seriously and are equipped to detect bugging devices as small as a dime. Our thorough bug sweep services are conducted using the most advanced countermeasure equipment available and leave no location or electronic systems uninspected, so you can ensure that your home or place of business is indeed private. Our continuing education program provided by one of America’s top-rated countermeasure agencies ensures that our licensed private detectives keep up with the current technology.

If you suspect that your private or professional property has been bugged, call Baker Street Investigations. We also provide routine bug sweeps for clients in need of a higher level of protection.