Infidelity by its very nature is a sensitive issue. Baker Street Investigations takes this very seriously. The emotional and financial investment in relationships often grows over time as people make personal sacrifices, financial decisions and build their lives around each other. Not knowing where you stand and trying to plan your future when the lines of open and honest communication between you and your partner have broken down can be emotionally devastating and have long term financial consequences.

Being Discreet: You may think that your cheating spouse or significant other would never suspect that someone would be watching them! However, cheating can feel risky and exciting and watching over their shoulder is part of what they do.  Other times, cheaters are absorbed and completely oblivious to their surroundings. 

In the case of the vigilant cheater, it sometimes is necessary to engage more than one operative to get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner.  This can increase the cost at first but by obtaining the evidence in a shorter time, it is ultimately less expensive.  Surveillances done during rush hour traffic are especially more challenging and require more than one investigator on most difficult assignments.


If you are trying to establish infidelity and prove fault for purposes of gaining an advantage in a divorce action, Baker Street Investigations can assist you with obtaining the information that is necessary for your legal counsel to use in court proceedings.

Although some States have a "No Fault Divorce" law which does not require the evidence of adultery, there are still many States that proof is required.  Also, some religious sects have regulations within their belief system where it is mandatory to document adultery.  Even in "No Fault" States, proof of adultery can assist in the award of Alimony.

In the State of Florida it is beneficial for custody cases to have a "Judge of Character" of the other parent.

A detaild report is prepared together with video footage and/or photographs which is made available for any testimony that is required in future court appearances by Baker Street Investigations.